Over the last couple of days I've been testing multiplayer and it's turning out well. There were a few bugs that only showed up on other people's computers but they were easy fixes. Was surprised to see that things like the Chocobo and Passive/Active state changes worked on the first try :D. Here are some screenshots:

undefinedundefined(The last one is blanked out for some people who didn't want their names known)

Over the last two days I was also overhauling the lobby server. It wasn't touched since October and I thought it was about time to fix it up. Because I made huge database changes the character creator had broken and could not add new characters since all the tables/columns had changed. I've rewritten the SQL queries and also replaced the netcode with the map server's which is far better and bug free. The layout of the receiving packets were also changed to use a BinaryReader rather than structs so it was more inline with the map server.

On top of that, the lobby server will now set the appearance and start position of a new character based on what class/initialTown you choose. This doesn't set the items however, those will be done on the map server on first login. The appearance must be set in case the character gets created but never logs in for some reason. Also the field that shows where the character last logged out at is displayed correctly, though is always Limsa due to the position not being saved on logout. Here's a new character with the "proper" THM appearance.