I've been working hard on figuring out how the opening scenes of 1.0 worked. It's been tough because a lot of the packets I have were recorded back pre-Yoshi (or sometime a bit after), way before the tutorials in 1.2x got introduced. Still after trial and error and some research into what was happening in other captures... I was able to get all three opening scenes working up to the battle portion of the game. Here are two recordings I did, though note the Limsa one was a lot earlier:



As you can see with the Gridania one, it stops once the battle starts as I have been having trouble with those tutorial scripts. I decided to take a break from the opening scene and working on the "group" packets which deal with.... well groups. Originally this was actually the hardest packet to figure out when Localhost was still stuck in the inn. After seeing how the items and gamemessage packets work, it was easy to see that a lot of them were just 8/16/32/64 sized versions of the same thing. I got most of them figured out and have begun writing out the code. These "groups" are use for player parties, monster parties (not sure what the means yet.... linking?), linkshells, duty content (when you see that "You are bound to duty", this means a group was created), and relation groups which deal with invites. Here are some screenshots of my experimentation with relation groups:

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One other thing I never mentioned back before the work on opening scenes started was class switching is basically done. I've added code allowing the user to store gearsets as well as switch their weapon. When you equip an item, the equipment is saved into the db at a per-class basis. So, switching your weapon causes the server to load up the last set you had for that class. It then searches through your inventory for the correct items and equips them. The exception is undergarments/shirts which stay the same across the board.